Training Programmes

Guidance on restarting WPBSA/EPSB training programmes

The WPBSA in partnership with the EPSB, 1st4Sport qualifications and UK Coaching, is issuing guidance to all course attendees in the UK and around the world with regards to Covid-19 secure practices and procedures,  especially for coaching and refereeing training courses.

Venues – courses will be delivered at approved venues which will have undergone a full Covid-19 risk assessment in line with UK Government and EPSB reopening guidance together with a detailed method statement.

Venues for WPBSA or an approved coaching course tutor – whilst overnight stays will be kept to a minimum, any hotel accommodation will be checked prior to the stay and a copy of the hotel’s risk assessment will be obtained and deemed acceptable to provide a safe stay.

Recruitment – applicants will complete the WPBSA/EPSB application process, along with a written or verbal health declaration prior to and during any course.

Quarantine regulations – it is the delegate’s responsibility to adhere to all UK Government guidelines and to safeguard their own personal health and that of others.

Course delivery – delegates will receive an on-site Covid-19 induction and regular checks with regard to their health and welfare.

Learning – learners will be met on their arrival and escorted to a reception bubble where they will await the Covid-19 induction.  Learners will receive an initial demonstration and thereafter be put into to a pairing throughout the rest of the course with the use of one fully sanitised snooker table, including equipment.

Until further notice, all classroom-based learning will be adapted and delivered online and only practical training will be delivered in snooker venues in line with government social distancing guidelines.

Wherever possible, if an online practical alternative method of delivery can be used as opposed to delegates travelling and attending a venue, then it should be given priority.

Food and drink – all refreshment and lunch breaks will be delivered in a private area bubble with food, including any dietary needs, being served to the delegates in picnic-style boxes.

Social distancing – in all cases social distancing guidelines will be maintained in line with UK Government guidance.

Personnel protective equipment (PPE) – all course attendees and WPBSA course tutors will receive an individual mini-sanitiser and face mask for the duration of the course.

Test and trace – in line with government guidelines each venue will record details as part of their test and trace procedures and take a daily temperature of all persons involved in the courses.  This information will be destroyed after 21 days.

The WPBSA will invite each delegate to complete a declaration during the week leading up to the course and during day 1&2 of the Level 2 course, stating if they have or developed any of the following symptoms during the course:

  • A high temperature
  • A new continuous cough
  • A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

If you are not sure regarding your symptoms ring 111 and click here for additional advice

In the event of anyone confirming they have any of the prescribed symptoms, an assessment of the risk at the particular time will be made by Chris Lovell.  If it is Chris who makes the declaration then on both counts he will immediately contact WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson and Sport Development Manager Chris Hornby and, if necessary, take action to protect any other course delegates or WPBSA course tutors, whilst keeping the club’s senior management aware of the situation.

Evaluation – learners will be invited to offer feedback regarding the course and how effective and safe they felt with regard to the Covid-19 procedures and practices which have been put in place.

Updated 18 March 2021.