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2023/24 EPSB Open Series – Events Announced for January to March

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The venues and dates for events in the second half of this season’s EPSB Open Series can now be announced and are online on

The remaining regular 2023/24 EPSB Open Series events are:

January 2024 

  • Saturday 6th: Woking Snooker Centre (10am) 
  • Saturday 6th: Elite Snooker Club, Preston (4pm) 
  • Sunday 21st: Hurricane Room, King’s Cross, London (10am) 
  • Sunday 28th: Cueball Derby (10.30am) 

February 2024 

  • Saturday 3rd: Woking Snooker Centre (10am) 
  • Saturday 10th: Elite Snooker Club, Preston (4pm) 
  • Sunday 11th: London Snooker, East Acton (10am) 
  • Sunday 18th: Breakers Snooker Club, Leicester (10am) 
  • Sunday 25th: Hurricane Room, King’s Cross, London (10am) 
  • Sunday 25th: Landywood Snooker Club (10.30am) 
  • Sunday 25th: Mill Brow Snooker and Social Club, Widnes (11am)

March 2024 

  • Saturday 2nd: Woking Snooker Centre (10am) 
  • Sunday 3rd: Breakers Snooker Club (10am) 
  • Saturday 9th: Elite Snooker Club, Preston (4pm) 
  • Sunday 10th: Cueball Derby (10.30am) 
  • Saturday 16th: Hurricane Room, King’s Cross, London (10am) 
  • Sunday 24th: London Snooker, East Acton (10am) 
  • Saturday 30th: Woking Snooker Centre (10am) 
  • Sunday 31st: Landywood Snooker Club (10.30am) 

The start times for events are in brackets. All players must be present at the venue and have paid their entry fee at least 15 minutes before the respective event’s start time. 

Please check before travelling to an event in case of date/time changes and/or cancellations. 

The Woking Snooker Centre, Elite Snooker Club, Hurricane Room King’s Cross, Cueball Derby, Landywood Snooker Club and Breakers Snooker Club all continue to host events, and we are delighted to welcome back the London Snooker venue in East Acton which is also set to hold events again. We are also excited that the Mill Brow Snooker and Social Club in Widnes is scheduled to hold its first Open Series event.

It is possible the EPSB may be adding further dates and venues to the list above; if this is the case, the ESPB will announce and add on 

The date and venue for the end-of-season playoff – where an additional free Q School entry will be awarded to the winner – will be announced in due course.

The 2023/24 EPSB Open Series Story So Far…

Halim Hussain plays a shot.

2023/24 EPSB Open Series Event Winners (October to December, 2023) 

  • North East SC 1: Gary Wilson 
  • Landywood SC 1: Craig Steadman 
  • Hurricane Room 1: Peter Devlin 
  • Cueball Derby 1: Jack Bradford 
  • Breakers SC 1: Luke Simmonds 
  • Sams Snooker & Pool: Sean McAllister 
  • Woking SC 1: Oliver Sykes 
  • Elite SC 1: Ryan Davies 
  • North East SC 2: Anthony Parsons 
  • Cueball Derby 2: Gary Miller 
  • Landywood SC 2: Riley Parsons 
  • Hurricane Room 2: Matthew Glasby 
  • Breakers SC 2: Halim Hussain 
  • Hurricane Room 3: Matthew Glasby 
  • Elite SC 2: Andrew Williams 
  • Landywood SC 3: Craig Steadman

It has been a very competitive first half to the 2023/24 EPSB Open Series campaign. The 16 events held have yielded 14 different winners with Matthew Glasby and Craig Steadman being the only multiple-time winners.

Halim Hussain (pictured above, 82 points) currently leads the rankings ahead of Glasby (65), Jake Robinson (57) and Steadman (56).

The number one ranked player (providing they are eligible) at the end of the season will earn a free 2024 Q School entry.

The next 16 players on the ranking list (if eligible) will be invited to the playoff.