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The EPSB is responsible for the organisation of national snooker and billiards competitions in England, including a range of ongoing national tours and national championships.

It is our goal to encourage both snooker participation across England at all levels and to promote the development of elite talent with the potential to compete at international and ultimately professional level.

All tournaments are held at venues that are members of the EPSB’s 147 Club affiliation programme that meet our minimum standards as safe places to play.

Learn more about How to Enter an event and Become a Member with our step by step guides.

National Tours

All tours are mixed gender

National Championships

All championships are mixed gender

Women’s Snooker

English Billiards

Disability Snooker

All players must have a valid EPSB Membership for the current season to compete in EPSB events.

All players must be aware of and adhere to the current EPSB Standard Conditions of Entry.