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Register Your League

We are now accepting applications from English snooker leagues to join our network of EPSB Registered Leagues!

To register your interest, please complete the short form below. We then aim to contact all applicants within seven working days with further information including how to pay the £30.00 membership fee.

Registered leagues will be eligible to nominate teams to compete in the annual EPSB League Championship.

Please note that only leagues based in England are eligible to become an EPSB Registered League.

Application Form

    League details

    Your organisation post code may be used to help people identify your organisation on the EPSB and WPBSA websites by opting in below.

    Would you like to include your organisation's details in our official WPBSA 'Club Finder' map?

    Organisation officials or volunteers

    Do you have any qualified and registered referees?

    Would anyone involved be interested in becoming a qualified referee?


    Please provide or estimate the following numbers for snooker and billiards participation in your activities.

    Please provide any further information about your league's provision, including formats of competitions that you run and any handicap systems that you use.


    On completion of the application process your organisation's email, main contact's email will receive update newsletters from the EPSB, which you will have the opportunity to opt out of upon receipt. Please let us know in advance if you would prefer not to receive this newsletter.


    I agree on behalf of our organisation and its officials to the following (please tick each box)

    The organisation will abide by the EPSB Child Protection and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy, and EPSB Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy (available at

    The organisation understands that, unless otherwise stated, the organisation's details, including organisation name, main contact name, organisation address, email, website and social media links will be used in EPSB publications and on the WPBSA 'Club Finder' map

    The organisation has completed the affiliation form in full, honestly and accurately to the best of its knowledge


    Your league registration will run for two years from the point of submission.

    A renewal notification will be sent at the end of the two-year term.


    League registration costs £30.00. This fee will be directly reinvested into the staging of the EPSB English Leagues Championship.

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