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EPSB Open Series

The EPSB Open Series represents a new dawn for competitive amateur snooker in England and has seen the creation of the only open tournaments accredited by England’s national governing body for our sport.

All competitions are held at affiliated 147 Clubs to ensure consistency of standard and organisation throughout, with 69 tournaments announced to take place throughout the season.

There is a ranking list based upon results from all EPSB Open Series tournaments, with the top four eligible* players at the end of the season set to earn free Q School entry for 2022 worth £1,000 each.

Entry for all competitions is open now via WPBSA SnookerScores.

The entry fee for each EPSB Open Series tournament is just £20.00, with all entry fees to be paid out in prize money. Events will be open to all players, whether professional (+18 handicap) or amateur and of any gender or nationality to promote inclusivity and opportunity. Entries can be made in advance or with cash on the day of the event (please turn up at least 15 minutes before the start time).

In planning these events the EPSB has consulted extensively with experienced professional players including Mark Selby, Kyren Wilson, Joe Perry, Mike Dunn, Peter Lines, Robert Milkins, David Grace and others. These players have all experienced first-hand the benefits of similar competitions during their formative years in our sport and already have made an invaluable contribution to ensuring that the events will be structured correctly.

* eligible players meaning someone who has hasn’t already got a professional tour card for the 2022/23 World Snooker Tour season. If an ineligible player finishes in the top 4 at the end of the season, the EPSB will take the next highest ranked eligible player on the list, and so on.

Prize Money Structure

Entry fee: £20 (can be paid beforehand or on the day itself in cash)

Up to 8 entries: The winner will receive 100% of the entry fees

9 to 16 entries: The winner will receive 70% of the entry fees, the runner-up will receive 30%

17 to 32 entries: The winner will receive 50% of the entry fees, the runner-up will receive 25% and semi-finalists will each receive 12.5%

Above 32 entries: The winner will receive 40% of the entry fees, the runner-up will receive will receive 20%, the semi-finalists will each receive 10% and the quarter-finalists will each receive 5%