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Avensure to Partner 147 Club!

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The English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards (EPSB) is delighted to welcome a new supply partner to its 147 Club scheme.

Avensure is a market leading Human Resources and Health & Safety advisory outsourcing company covering the UK, who have a wealth of experience advising many different clubs and businesses.

The company runs weekly seminars all over the UK, which will be free of charge for members, open to business owners and directors.

For snooker club operations, Avensure can offer a complimentary review of current HR documents and visit clubs to talk about legal obligations when managing H&S.

HR and H&S can be complex with continually changing laws, so Avensure’s expertise can support and guide clubs to ensure they are compliant.

In addition to all the free support and resources on offer, Avensure will also offer affiliated clubs a 10% discount from its price list on many other services.

The company’s knowledge of the snooker sector doesn’t stop there, as Avensure representative Stephen Rosenthal has played to a good standard for many years in local leagues and Pro-Am competitions.

Commenting on the new partnership, Stephen said: “Both I and Senior Consultant Adrian are delighted and very excited to be able to offer all affiliated snooker clubs support and guidance in a sport which is close to our hearts.”

WPBSA Club and Facilities Manager Bob Hill said: “Avensure can help our clubs to upskill their staff and ensure they gain a comprehensive understanding of HR and H&S.

“A wide range of workshops are available to clubs, covering all sorts of topics in this area, so we’re thrilled that Avensure will be supporting our 147 Club scheme to provide the knowledge they need to operate effectively.”

If your club has any HR or H&S challenges or concerns, please reach out to Avensure for a friendly chat.

Contact Stephen Rosenthal direct on 07557 886 724 or Adrian Wilkinson on 0161 509 7481, or via email to