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EPSB Junior Series – Information and Entries Open Soon

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The EPSB is happy to announce further details about the new Under-16 Series and Under-21 Series taking place this season, which are both open for entry later this week.

The inaugural series are part of the EPSB’s plans to modernise the junior snooker circuit in England, with the 2022/23 Under-21 Premier Development Tour being the last held in its current form. 

Following the ethos of the revamped PowerGlide English Under-14 Snooker Championship which has seen a significant increase in entry numbers over the past two seasons, the changes to the circuit are being made to limit any barriers that may stop junior players from entering national events. Consideration has also been made with the ongoing cost of living crisis in England. 

With similar elements seen in the successful under-14 championship and the Open Series, the EPSB will work closely with venues across the country, empowering and assisting them to hold national events and boosting participation numbers. 

The Format 

Both the under-16 and under-21 series will be split into three regions – north, midlands and south. Players may only enter series events in one region, with a ranking list for each series in each region. 

There will be three one-day events for each series in each region across the season. However, under-16 and under-21 events will be held on consecutive days at the same venue, providing plentiful playing opportunities and reducing expenses for those participating. 

  • The Under-16 Series is open to all EPSB members under the age of 16 on the 31st December 2022. 
  • The Under-21 Series is open to all EPSB members under the age of 21 on the 31st December 2022. 

Both the under-16 and under-21 series will feature a round robin format which leads to a knockout phase. All matches throughout the day will be the best of three frames. Draws will be done on the day.

Players may enter in advance via or on the day with cash at least 15 minutes before the start of the event. Entries for all the under-16 and under-21 series events will open Friday 16th September at 09:00. You will be able to enter via here. All players must register at the venue at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start of play.

The entry fees for these events have been kept manageable for players – £15 per player, per under-16 event and £20 per player, per under-21 event. 

Participating clubs will receive 15% of the event entry fees, with the remainder going into the prize fund. Prize money breakdown will work on percentages dependent on entry numbers. Full payout details under the tournament page here.

The dress code for under-16 and under-21 events is Level 2, consisting of a minimum of formal shoes (no trainers/sneakers), formal trousers (no jeans/cargos etc.) and a smart, appropriate collared shirt or polo shirt (can be either long or short sleeved). Please see the EPSB Dress Code here for further details. 


Under 16 Series – North Region 

  • Saturday 5 November – Mill Brow, Widnes 
  • Saturday 4 February – Elite Snooker, Preston 
  • Saturday 18 March – Sams, Hartlepool 

 Under 21 Series – North Region 

  • Sunday 6 November – Mill Brow, Widnes 
  • Sunday 5 February – Elite Snooker, Preston 
  • Sunday 19 March – Sams, Hartlepool 

Under 16 Series – Midlands Region 

  • Saturday 8 October – Landywood Snooker, Walsall 
  • Saturday 4 February – Breakers, Leicester 
  • Saturday 18 March – Cuetopia, Kettering  

Under 21 Series – Midlands Region 

  • Sunday 9 October – Landywood Snooker, Walsall 
  • Sunday 5 February – Breakers, Leicester 
  • Sunday 19 March – Cuetopia, Kettering 

Under 16 Series – South Region 

  • Saturday 8 October – Woking Snooker Centre 
  • Saturday 4 February – Castle Snooker, Brighton 
  • Saturday 18 March – Crucible Newbury 

Under 21 Series – South Region 

  • Sunday 9 October – Woking Snooker Centre 
  • Sunday 5 February – Castle Snooker, Brighton 
  • Sunday 19 March – Crucible Newbury 

(Please regularly check in case of date/venue changes) 

Rankings and International Selection 

Events in each series in each region will carry ranking points. Players will earn a point for every frame they win. The event winner will also earn an additional three points. Rankings will be updated as soon as possible after each weekend.

For players competing in the under-16 series, there is a potential qualification pathway to play for England at the next HIBSF Home Internationals. Please see the EPSB Selection Pathway here for details.