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PowerGlide English Under-14 Championship 2024 | Stage Two Information

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Following three months of exciting, club-based qualifying events, this season’s PowerGlide Cues English Under-14 Championship moves on to the second stage.


Stage One has involved 16 EPSB-affiliated clubs around the country running a qualifying event for the Under-14 age group. These have predominantly seen WPBSA Snooker Coaches directing club-based qualifiers with their regular junior snooker groups.

A record-breaking tally of 173 players have taken part, many engaging in a competitive event for the first time.

The competition has continued to expand the involvement of clubs across England, as well as players from a wide variety of ability levels, backgrounds, ages and genders.

The Championship now moves to a north and south event to decide who goes through to the national final later this season.


A total of 39 qualifying players will be invited to take part in Stage Two.

These will comprise of the winners and runners-up from each club event, with additional wild card entries from the most entered Stage One events on an ascending scale.

The venue for Stage Two North will be QBar Walsall Wood, West Midlands.

The venue for Stage Two South will be Frames Sports Bar, Croydon.

Both events will take place on Saturday 2 March, starting at 9.30am.

The north and south region has been split to balance total entries from each region.


As stated, each club was guaranteed two qualifying players for Stage Two. In addition, a number of clubs have been awarded additional qualifiers, based on entries into their Stage One event. The qualifiers for each club is as follows:


  • Breakers Snooker Club, Leicester (Faiz Majid, Oscar Newton)
  • Club 147, Leicester (Nicholas Ayers, Luke Webb)
  • QBar, Walsall Wood (Archie Buskin, Bobbie Wilson, Tyler Lewis, Jack Palmer, Lucas Walker, Jacob Corbett)
  • George Scott Snooker Club, Liverpool (Charlie Campbell, Adam Osborne)
  • Mill Brow Snooker & Social Club, Widnes (James Bradley, Ethan Grice)
  • Hollins Grove Conservative Club, Blackburn (Ethan Hornigold, Reece Holden)
  • Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds (Johnny Collier, Rhys Turner, Ethan Robertson, Dominykos Vaiksnoras)
  • Elite Snooker Club, Preston (Jack Wilding, Miren Patel)


  • Woodside Snooker Centre, Dereham (William Chambers, Charlie Sutton)
  • Hurricane Room, King’s Cross (Rayan El Qmache, Yousuf Matib)
  • Salisbury Snooker Club (Lennon Savage, Dylan Beer)
  • Woking Snooker Centre (William Hurley)
  • Chandlers Ford Snooker Club, Eastleigh (Archie Greier, William Thomson, Ellise Scott, Noah Gartell)
  • Castle Snooker Club, Brighton (Oliver Li, Adam Abbas)
  • Frames Sports Bar, Coulsdon (Emilio Bassili Ben Lloyd)
  • Warmley Snooker Club, Bristol (Jack Allen, Lorenzo Watkins)


These players will be divided into round-robin groups. The draw will be completed and published on at least a week before the event.

It is planned that event winners will be seeded and players from the same qualifying event will be kept apart in the group phase (where possible).

The top two players from each group will qualify for the knockout stages of the event. Where necessary, there will be preliminary round knockout matches prior to the quarter-finals, semi-finals and an area final.

The winner of the area final will go through to the grand final and play against the other area winner at Tamworth Sports Bar on Sunday 7th April 2024.

All matches at the area events (both group and knockout) will be the best of three frames.

The grand final in Tamworth will be the best of seven frames.

The miss rule will not be in operation for Stage Two, but it will be used for the grand final in April.


There is a dress code for Stage Two players which consists a minimum of:
Formal shoes (no trainers/sneakers etc.)
Formal trousers (no jeans/cargos etc.)
Smart and appropriate collared shirt or polo shirt (can be either long or short sleeved)


The EPSB will be in contact with the relevant clubs and selected players to ensure they have full details of the Stage Two events.