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Rohit Sagoo

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Rohit Sagoo was appointed to the EPSB Board of Directors in January 2021 as a Non-Executive Director.

Rohit Sagoo is a lecturer at a London university. Rohit does research in sport psychology and nursing science. His research has been cited in academic research in the game of snooker. He has been keen and interest in snooker for most of his life both as a spectator and playing this sport in his younger years.

In recent times, Rohit’s interest in snooker sparked a research interest in the sport from an academic lens and he has published articles that explore the benefits of snooker from a cognitive and mental health aspects , as well as how playing snooker improves the wellbeing of older people. Rohit has also written blog posts around the mental toughness of playing snooker and what constitutes to the basic shaping of competitiveness for a professional snooker player.

Rohit’s published research around snooker and mental health has featured on BBC Radio Essex, Cambridge and London, and articles written in the Daily Mail and Cambridge News, as well as a feature in the World Snooker Championships 40th Anniversary Official Programme. This naturally led to Rohit being appointed as a Director for World Seniors Snooker.

Alongside Rohit’s research studies in collaboration with the WPBSA, he has always felt the need to explore different aspects the game of snooker, beyond the green baize, through a bigger lens and support the further development of the sport. Hence, Rohit feels privileged to be a part of the English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards as a non-executive director.

Published articles:

Sagoo, Rohit (2019) Evaluating how the game of snooker can make a positive contribution to enhancing people’s well-being in the later years. Psychreg Journal of Psychology, 3 (2). pp. 21-36. ISSN 2515-138X

Sagoo, Rohit (2017) Exploring aspects of cognitive development and mental health awareness as part of health promotional goal in snooker. Psychreg Journal of Psychology, 1 (1). ISSN 2515-138X

Other posts

Sagoo, Rohit (2017) Mind Over Snooker: How Snooker Promotes Mental Health

Sagoo, Rohit (2017) Can Snooker Contribute to Positive Mental Health and Well-being?

Sagoo, Rohit (2017) A Focal Discussion of Mental Toughness in Snooker

Sagoo, Rohit (2018) What Are the Attributes of a World Champion?