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Svetlana Parmar

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Svetlana Parmar was appointed to the EPSB Board of Directors in January 2021 as a Non-Executive Director.

Originally from Russia, Svetlana is an entrepreneur who has been responsible for several successful businesses and projects. She moved to the UK in 2010 and almost immediately joined her husband in running The Winchester, a thriving members only, snooker and pool club in Wigston, Leicestershire.

Svetlana’s passion for cue sports started with learning how to play pool at the age of 14, following which she transitioned to playing Russian Pyramid competitively all the way to the national and international level. Having seen snooker whilst watching Eurosport, she immediately fell in love with the sport and began a journey that would take her to the UK.

Whilst managing her business interests, Svetlana continues to play snooker and pool at The Winchester, taking part in tournaments and competitions. She has also helped World Snooker Tour to promote snooker in Russia as an interpreter and translator.

Away from cuesports, Svetlana’s other passions include educating herself and others on healthy living including the basics of nutrition and how to start in yoga.