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The 147 Club – how to re-affiliate!

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Having celebrated the first year of our club scheme, we now turn our attention to Year Two!

Existing affiliated clubs will receive an email notification to re-affiliate once they have reached a year of membership. If you completed your form online the first time round, you will be asked to check, update and re-submit the form, along with any payment required.

If you completed a paper version of the affiliation form, you should still receive an email notification to re-affiliate, but you will need to complete an online form from the beginning, unless you wish to complete a paper version once again.

Things to look out for:

  • Fees fixed! Good news – we’re keeping the fees the same, so gold members will only pay £90 to re-affiliate (offer valid up to 31 December 2019)
  • Eligibility – Having reviewed memberships for the first year, we have adjusted the criteria such that silver membership will only be available to clubs with fewer than four full-size snooker tables. Gold membership will remain open to any club. Existing silver member clubs not currently meeting this criterion will be able to retain their current membership up until their re-affiliation is due.
  • Form tweaks – We’re asking for a few more details on the application form, including your legal structure, membership system, any qualified referees and a further declaration concerning contact with our supply partners. Please ensure you have completed these additional fields on the form upon your re-affiliation.

 Our club scheme continues to grow, and with some exciting plans for the year ahead, we hope that you will stick with us and continue to support the development of English snooker.

If you’ve reached a year’s membership and have received your re-affiliation notification, please log in now to complete your form for the year ahead.

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