Supply Partners

Gold members of the 147 Club can gain significant discounts, advice and other facility support from the following supply partners who support the club affiliation scheme.

To access these offers please contact the company with your Gold member affiliation ID.

A W Hainsworth & Sons Ltd

Hainsworth have been manufacturing high quality fabrics since 1783 and control every part of the process from the raw wool to the finished product on one site here in the UK.  We are continually innovating cloths for the changing needs of the players and clubs.

Our cloths are specially-designed for the professional and for players aspiring to take their skills to a whole new level.  This revolutionary cloth offers impeccable accuracy, sheer speed, ultimate ball control and unrivalled excitement.

147 Club – Gold member offer

  • Supplier membership at reduced rate
  • Recommendations for professionally-trained fitters in your club’s area
  • Guidance on table care and maintenance

Telephone: 0113 257 0391


147 Club – Gold member offer

  • 20% discount on an annual subscription to the service




Based in the north west of England, SnookerHub is an internet resource for the amateur snooker player. The main function is to provide a calendar of amateur snooker tournaments across the UK.

SnookerHub can tell players where and when these events take place.

Dedicated club pages provide more information relating to the venues and can help to attract new, regular customers. These pages are managed by SnookerHub and provide a cost-effective solution for clubs, rather than them commissioning and maintaining a dedicated website. The SnookerHub page can be an extension of any existing club site.

SnookerHub promotes events by means of regular newsletters, social media and through the site itself. With an ever-growing following, SnookerHub really is ‘at the heart of the amateur game’.

Active Workspace Ltd (MemSec EPoS)

Active Workspace Ltd was founded in 1990 when the MD, Ross Ranson, was asked by the manager of his local snooker club in Chelmsford to write a computerised membership and table timing system. Today the company shares a building with that first club.

Ross christened the system MemSec, short for Membership Secretary. The addition of its own light controller made MemSec the only proactive light control system available. It remains the market leader to this day and over the years has evolved to support every possible type of table, rate, membership and offer. Nowadays it is usually packaged with its fantastic EPoS till software to create a single system for running your entire club. Options include loyalty schemes, smartphone apps, table bookings, text marketing and many other great features, developed with the input of club owners up and down the UK.

147 Club – Gold member offer

  • 10% discount for installation and training fees




Handepay, based in Haydock, are a provider of merchant services to independent businesses across the UK. Founded in 2006, the company has 190 employees and over 28,000 customers.

Handepay provides a range of countertop, portable and mobile payment terminals as well as e-commerce payment solutions. With a unique pricing proposition, its customers won’t pay fees commonly charged by other payment processing providers, such as PCI DSS compliance or non-compliance fees, authorisation fees or joining fees.

Confidence to save businesses money is reflected in the Handepay Price Challenge, where customers are guaranteed to save money on their card processing fees or they will receive £1,000.  In addition, switching fees are paid in most cases.

The company is committed to excellent customer service and is rated highly across independent review sites.

147 Club – Gold member offer

  • Guaranteed savings on card processing

Complete the short online form at

Telephone: Scott Masson, Business Development Manager, on 0800 3777 382 ext 134

MySnookerStats: Tournament Scoring

Building on its trusted scoring apps and progress tracking solution for individual players, MySnookerStats offers its Tournament Administration product range to Clubs and Organisations. 

Easily run a whole tournament or series of events with professional stats plus the brilliant Live Scoring web panels and Live Streaming options, perfect for your friends, fans and followers to keep bang up to date with your action.

Take the pain out of organising with handicapping, straight knockouts and preliminary group stages configured in seconds, engage your audience to drive more interest in your club, and keep the results and ranking points for posterity.

Get 20% off when you quote your 147 Club Gold affiliation ID.

147 Club – Gold member offer

  • 20% discount on website tournament administration services



Fairer Business Energy

Fairer Business Energy is an energy consultancy based on the south coast of England, but offer energy contract services throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

The management team, having worked together at a ‘Big 6’ supplier for over a decade each, elected to start their own company four years ago.

During our tenure in the energy industry, we have developed an in-depth knowledge of the energy supply business. As such, we are best placed to offer advice on all matters relating to energy supply contracts.

We pride ourselves on being transparent, providing the options available and then allowing the client to make an informed choice.

The misconception is that it’s all about moving you from one supplier to another. In reality, 90% of our work is ensuring our clients get the best possible deal from their current provider.

We do not charge for our time or our service.

147 Club – Gold member offer

  • Receive £100 cashback per business gas/electricity meter with a registered contract

Telephone: 01903 251 270          




Cue Booking

Cue Booking is the booking and marketing software specifically for snooker halls.  Take bookings online, manage your promotions and leave the admin to us.  We’ll integrate seamlessly into your existing website or give you a new website completely for free.  We can even provide you with your very own app available on the App and Play stores.

Allow your members to easily book online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Reduce your admin, take payments and deposits online, fill cancellations automatically, send out reminders, email your members with news and special offers, and so much more!  You always get a free trial and with the 147 Club you have access to an exclusive 25% discount, as well as an extra month for free!

147 Club – Gold member offer

  • Exclusive 25% discount
  • Extra free month of Cue Booking software
  • High level of customer service, including advice on marketing, management and booking

Telephone: 01606 277 565        



Leisure Power Purchasing

Leisure Power Purchasing (LPP) is a buying group for independent leisure outlets, based in South London, with members all over the UK.  LPP has been saving money for its members for over 25 years.

LPP has negotiated competitive terms with key suppliers such as Molson Coors, Britvic Soft Drinks, Bidfood, Mars, BOC Sureserve, and Mico Lighting.

Within the LPP system you continue to order direct from suppliers in the usual way, but on the rare occasions you have problems with supply, LPP can intervene on your behalf at National Account level.

Through the power of group buying Leisure Power Purchasing has saved literally hundreds of thousands of pounds for its members on essential purchases – from alcoholic drinks, food, soft drinks, snacks, confectionery & ice cream, to catering disposables & equipment, cleaning materials & services.

147 Club – Gold member offer

  • Free membership for first year – half-price thereafter (usually £380 per annum)

Contact: Neil Dagley

Telephone: 07970 645 277  





Ghost Ball Potting Aid

The Ghost Ball Potting Aid is available for snooker/billiards, 8-Ball / English Pool and 9-Ball / American Pool.

The tool allows you to visually see where the cue ball needs to hit the object ball in order to send the object ball where you want to.  It shows you the actual aiming point in order to successfully achieve the correct line.

Its handy credit card size allows you to carry this everywhere for those impromptu visits to the snooker, billiards or pool clubs!

147 Club – Gold member offer

  • Advice, skills and experience to share 
  • Trade offer for Ghost Ball Potting Aids