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EPSB Open Series Returns for Second Installment

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The English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards is excited to announce that the EPSB Open Series will return for a second edition in 2022/23, and there are several new venues set to host events. 

Over 340 players took part in the EPSB Open Series during its inaugural season which featured an eclectic mix of current professionals, budding amateurs and local club players. 

Youngster Ryan Davies won an incredible nine Open Series events and was the runaway number one in the rankings. 

New Venues Come on Board 

The Crucible Newbury, London Snooker (East Acton), Stratford Sports Club and Woking Snooker Centre venues are all scheduled to hold EPSB Open Series events for the first time in 2022/23. 

Breakers (Leicester), Cueball Derby, Elite Snooker (Preston), Landywood Snooker Club (Walsall) and Tradewell Snooker Club (Hull) will all continue to support the Series, once again hosting events. 

Leisure Power Purchasing to become Official Sponsor 

The EPSB is delighted to welcome Leisure Power Purchasing – a buying group for independent leisure operators that negotiates with some of the industry’s biggest brands – as the official sponsors of this year’s EPSB Open Series. 

Please visit the LPP website here to see how they could support your venue. 


The first batch of Open Series events – leading up to the end of the calendar year – can now be published and viewed below. The second half of events for the new year will be released in due course. All events start at 10am unless otherwise stated.

1st – Woking Snooker Centre
2nd – Stratford Sports Club, Stratford Upon Avon
2nd – Tradewell Snooker Club, Hull
8th – Crucible, Newbury
9th – Cueball Derby
16th – Tradewell Snooker Club, Hull
16th – Landywood Snooker Club, Walsall
30th – Breakers Snooker Club, Leicester
30th – London Snooker, East Acton

5th – Elite Snooker Club, Preston (4pm start)
6th – Tradewell Snooker Club, Hull
13th – Landywood Snooker Club, Walsall (10.30am start)
19th – Breakers Snooker Club, Leicester
20th – Stratford Sports Club, Stratford Upon Avon
27th – Cueball Derby
27th – Tradewell Snooker Club, Hull

4th – London Snooker, East Acton
11th – Cueball Derby
17th – Breakers Snooker Club, Leicester
17th – Crucible, Newbury
18th – Tradewell Snooker Club, Hull

18th – Landywood Snooker Club, Walsall (10.30am start)

(Always check in case of date/venue changes) 

Tournament Information

EPSB Open Series events are open to all – regardless of playing status or nationality. You do not need to be an EPSB member to play in EPSB Open Series events. 

Current World Snooker Tour professionals give an 18 points per frame start if they face an amateur opponent. 

All EPSB Open Series events are randomly drawn on the day. The format is straight knockout throughout, with all rounds the best of five frames. 

Players earn ranking points for every frame they win. For full details, please visit here. 

Dress Code

‘Normal’ clothes are permitted to be worn. This includes clothes such as T-shirts, jeans and trainers. 

However, the following items will NOT be permitted to be worn: shorts, sleeveless tops, flipflops, sponsored non-snooker sports top – for example, a football shirt. 

Please make sure the clothes you wear are not scruffy or dirty. 

Entry Fees and Prizes

Entry: £20 per event 

Players can enter in advance on or on the day with cash.

Entries open on Tuesday 20th September at 9am.

Information will shortly be released regarding prize money payouts and additional prizes for those at the top of the rankings. (Update here).

The EPSB would like to thank all the venues hosting events this season, and to Leisure Power Purchasing for their support.